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        Company Overview Culture

        Founded in 2004, Jiangxi Maohua Industrial Holding Group is located in the beautiful northeastern area of Shangrao City, Guangfeng District, adjacent to the famous 5A-level scenic spot - Sanqing Mountain.
        Based on the textile industry, the group company has perfected connection of the upstream and downstream of the textile industry. It established a textile factory upstream and with downstream there’s a sock factory, a cloth factory and a towel factory. At present, the company owns eight independent legal entities including Jiangxi Maohua Spinning Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Qianguang Industrial (Socks) Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Meyue Pants Co., Ltd. and Xinjiang Nakai Textile Co., Ltd etc.

        The group company has three production and research bases in Jiangxi, Zhejiang and Xinjiang, with more than 2,000 employees and total assets of more than 1 billion yuan. After more than ten years of hard work, Maohua Group has integrated spinning, weaving and marketing & sales. With spinning, socks, towels and other home textile products as the core industry, underwear, T-shirt and household items and other diversification, it has become a large-scale integrated group company with industrial development.

        Since the establishment of the Spinning Industry Division, Maohua Group has been committed to creating differentiated products, and has continuously promoted new products. It has promoted industrial upgrading and transformation in the cotton textile field. It has enjoyed high prestige and attraction in the industry, attracted cooperation of many internationally renowned fiber suppliers. The well-known Lycra spandex series has been used for many years, and the elastic yarns produced have been widely used in fabrics of well-known high-end brand clothing. At the same time, all kinds of Tencel fiber, Modal fiber and viscose are used to manufacture high-grade woven yarn, knitting yarn and denim yarn. In addition, Maohua Spinning has also begun to apply polyester yarns with other environmentally friendly blending yarns and other fiber blending yarns to introduce internationally advanced acrylic wool yarns.

        The high-grade yarns developed by Maohua Group are also used in the production of mesh and fabrics of the Group. With the long-term experience of cooperation with high-end customers, we have the ability to accurately predict the development trend of international fabrics. The application of new fabrics can also be closely combined with yarn research and development to quickly achieve industrial upgrading.
        The Socks Industry Division has developed rapidly in recent years. Jiangxi and Xinjiang's industrial parks have more than 1,000 imported socks machines and auxiliary equipment, with an annual production capacity of 200 million pairs. The leading products are men's socks, women's socks and children's socks. The types are cotton socks,five-toe socks,  terry-loop socks, silk socks, sports socks, nano antibacterial and odor-resistant socks etc. There’re more than 10 series of more than 300 varieties.Our company is one of the most complete, most comprehensive and stable quality socks manufacturers in China.

        In the development, Maohua Group always adheres to the implementation of brand strategy, adheres to realistic and innovative. Quality as guarantee, management as the foundation, brand as the basis, we take the scientific and technological scale development path. The company owns three well-known brands,“Zi Duo Sha, Lu Si Dan, we together”, and we have won the favor of consumers with excellent quality. The two brands have won the honorary title of “China Famous Brand”.

        Our company adheres to "technology, management, quality, integrity" as the operating principles, new products emerge in an endless stream, management levels are increasing, product quality has reached the international advanced level. We received unanimous praise from foreign merchants. The products are exported to more than 20 countries and regions such as the United States, Britain, Australia, Poland and Hungary.
        Nowadays, in the face of the new global competition situation, Maohua Group will continue to vigorously implement the brand development strategy, seize the “One Belt, One Road” and “New Silk Road” strategic opportunities, and leverage its development to “build internationally renowned brands and strong industrial enterprises”as the common values of Maohua people, we will strive to be the leader of the industry and realize the beautiful vision of a century-old enterprise!

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        Address:Charge area of Lu Lin Industrial Zone,
        Guangfeng District, Shangrao, Jiangxi
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