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        Foundation laying ceremony of Xinjiang Nakai Textile Co., Ltd.

        On May 31, 2016, 150,000 spinning and 1,000 hosiery machines of Xinjiang Nakai Textile Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Maohua Industrial Holding Group,  were laid in the Alar City Garment Industry Park. Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee, deputy division chief, secretary of the Political and Legal Committee Song Wenchang, assistant to the division commander, commander of the Taizhou Aijiang Command Cai Wenfu, and party secretary of the Alar Economic and Technological Development Zone, director of the management committee Wang Yongdong attended the groundbreaking ceremony.

        The general manager of the group company (right 4) and the leaders at all levels of the division of the city laid the foundation for the Xinjiang Nakai Textile Effective Company.

        Vice Mayor Song Wenguang pointed out in his speech that at present, Xinjiang has entered the fast lane of large-scale development, large-scale construction and great development, especially with the implementation of the “One Belt, One Road” strategy, the development of the textile and garment industry has been supported by the state, the autonomous region and the Corps. The key support was given, and the national Alar Economic and Technological Development Zone was clearly positioned as a comprehensive textile and apparel industry base. The various favorable policies continued to be superimposed, bringing new historical opportunities for the development of the textile and garment industry in the city. Under the inspiration of the concept of Anshi, pro-business and good-for-business in the city, Maohua Holdings took the lead and invested in Alar to become a newcomer in the textile and garment industry city of Shishi in 2016. The industry's precedent further extends the textile industry chain and enhances the economic and social benefits of industrial development.

        Vice Mayor Song Wenguang had a speech at the groundbreaking ceremony of Xinjiang Nakai Textile Co., Ltd.

        Song Wenguang expressed the hope that the Alar Economic and Technological Development Zone Management Committee and the relevant departments of the divisions and municipalities departments should effectively carry out the project tracking services and promote the early start of production of the project, which will be effective early. I wish Nakai Textile seize the opportunity, take the lead in development, complete the project construction as soon as possible, strive to create a benchmark enterprise for the development of the clothing industry in the city, promote regional integration and development, and provide a powerful driving force for the social stability and long-term stability of the city.

        The 150,000 spindle spinning and 1000 hosiery machine projects of Xinjiang Nakai Textile Co., Ltd. under the Maohua Industrial Holding Group plan to invest 400 million yuan. The planned area is 150,000. The first phase construction area is 60,000 square meters and there are 1,000 weaving machines. Socks machine, 30 sets of rotor spinning production line, which is planned to be completed before December 1, 2016. After the completion of the project, the annual output value will reach 500 million yuan, which can solve more than 600 local jobs.

        Pre: Mao Hua group Xinjiang industrial area five years strategic planning
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